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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Sudden Emptiness In My Heart
Hey everyone! ^^ It has been a week I didn't post anything in my blog. Well, nobody's care about it actually but I don't mind cause I don't care whether you care or not as long as I didn't mess your life hence avoid messing up my fucking life! I'm here to wrote about what I've been throughout my days.

Well, being a normal teenage girl isn't the easiest thing. I need to overcome so many problems and so many things that bother me so much. And hell yeah, I've got my up's and down's moment. When I recall back all the memories, I seems to be attached to the memories when I was in high school. For your information, I'm not a high school student anymore even though I wore school's uniform. I'm a PRA-UNIVERSITY student, you fool! 

Being a form 6 students is not an easy task. Once, people did say to me that STPM is the second-ranking for the most toughest exams in the world where number 1 goes to Japan. Only the bravest and the smartest kids would choose this path. I'm not saying that I'm an excellent student where the truth's I'm not. What I'm trying to say is those who are choosing form 6 as their furthering studies choices is because they're not ready to be involve with the hectic university life. Adding up being away from the families and friends. 

I'm really a simple girl. Back then, I used to be cheated by men. Many times. Countless. But I never acted so fool like this. I never blackmail anyone. I never threatened the girl who stole my bf. And I'm only 15 at that time. I can be very professional handling this matter. But girls nowadays are so committed to their own self until they actually can't live without a partner. Frankly speaking, most of the girls are like this. Sorry to say but it's the truth :)

I'm bored. I'm hungry. And I'm obviously insane cause I crap a lot in this entry. Well, so sorry for burdening your eye sight cause reading this :) Till then, Goodbye :) Muah^^
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