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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Photoshoot! Photoshoot!
Good morning you all!! Are you still awake or sleeping soundly like a beast? HAHA joke joke :P Well, I just got back from dating just now and it was terrific! Like usually we do, we just hanging around and chit chatting. It was just a simple date for you guys but it meant a lot to me. Thank you sayang :) I had the most splendid time ever last night :)

According to my tittle. I was supposed to tell you about my photoshoot. Well, it wasn't done yet but I'm still waiting for the date to arrived. This time I'm eagerly excited and passionate to it. This is because I want to redeem the last year photoshoot that didn't workout like planned. Last year, there's one woman approached me and asked me whether I'm interested to do a photoshoot. At first, I was sceptical about it and thought she was just playing around. When the conversations goes on, I realised she was really serious to take me as her talent. I was excited cause I never thought I'll be approached by someone just to make a photoshoot. Thank God it was my lucky day. We've set the date and when the day's come I screwed it up. That day, I switch my phone off cause I had a fight with my hubby and the consequences was they can't reached me. By then, the photoshoot went along with another talent. 

Then, this is year and if I'm not mistaken, last few weeks, someone approached me once again to do the photoshoot. This time, I took it as a serious matter and discuss it like an adult. During my conversation with him, I asked him whether I had to do it alone or with partners and he said it's up to me. Since it will be my first photoshoot ever, I'm still not ready and a bit embarrass to take photo alone. And so, I asked him is it possible to him to take me and my hubby together. Shockingly, he said yes! I was really happy to hear that. So, for my first photoshoot ever I'll be doing a couple outing with my hubby. Whoa! I'm really excited about it and so does my hubby as this photoshoot will be our first official shoot ever. Thanks Abg Adnan for the opportunity to be your talents :) We'll be at Taiping for the photoshoot. Wait for us okay :) Till then, goodbye and happy day ^^
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