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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Make-up is my passion
Howdy you all! How you guys have been doing lately? Fine I guess cause I know everybody is living their life to the fullest right now. So do I. I'm living in the simplest and moderate life. To be exact, I don't have anything that bother my mind anymore. Means that I'm free from any problems. Well, I thank God cause guide me when I was lost and in need. And I thank my hubby for supporting me from the back. He's been the most loyal person I've ever met. Thank you so much dear :)

Today's entry is about my passion for the past 3 years which was make-up! When I was in form 5, I never took care of my skin and usually I didn't wear anything when I go hangout with my friends. At that time, I only use eyeliner cause that the easiest thing used. But then, after I finished my SPM, I suddenly aware of this make-up thing and then I started using it due to my job needs. I was a promoter back then and I need to look good for the customers. That's encourage me to use make-up often. Then, after a while I was addicted to it. It's like a cocaine running through my veins. I was in love with it and I can't stop using it. And now, wherever and whenever I'm out from my house I'll definitely wears a make-up even though I just need to go the nasi lemak stall. 

Since make-up is my passion, I would like to let you guys know what are my basic needs when using a make-up. Usually people use a foundation on their face but I didn't use that anymore as I'm already switch to BB Cream. BB Cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream. It covers all your flaws and make your skin looks more even and fairer. It also act as your sunblock and at the same time moisturise your skins while you're having your day. Then, I use a 2 way cake powder. This is because it saves money and act as multiple jobs. After that, I'll be using my nose cream to highlight it. Next, I'll be using my eye shadow before I put my eyeliner because I don't like seeing the dust of my eye shadow covers my eye liner lines. When I'm already done with the eyes, I'll go to the next place which are the cheeks. As always, I just sprinkle a little onto my cheeks cause I want a natural finish. And lastly, I'll put some lipstick/lip gloss/lip balm on my lips to complete my looks. Finally, the result will usually be the way I wanted and I'll be satisfied with it :)
This is my natural look.
BB Cream
Two-way cake powder
Eye liner
Eye shadows

I hope you'll enjoy what I've shared with you and you might be influenced by me after reading this entry. My conclusion, make-up is not a weapon for you to hide your natural beauty but it's a source where you can gain your self confidence and it wouldn't hurt anybody if you're little bit beautiful than others. Till then, goodbye and goodnight :)
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