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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Sweet Memories Like Candies
Dear, I'm missing you pretty damn much right now! I'm really excited to see you in front of my house. Please be fast. Can't wait to see you! >.<

Sayang, suddenly just now I got a flashed back from our memories. Bad and Good. Obviously, I pay more attention on the good ones. I opened my archived text messages and look back what you've sent to me. One of the message that I can ever forget is this one.

08 September 2011 21:44

Saya terus terang, saya memang tak boleh hilang awak. Saya takde tempat nak mengadu awak. Saya perlukan sokongan awak. Awak je yang mampu motivate saya sebab awak faham saya. Tapi kalau awak hilang, sumpah saya akan down. Tadi bila dengar yang awak nak pegii, saya sebak sangat2 awak. Sumpah awak, tolong awak.. Jangan pergi dari hidup saya awak.. If saya dah mati awak pergi lah. Saya nak berkawan dengan awak sampai saya mati. 
(this is after we broke up last year)

Other than that, let's just make it between you and me okay?

Apart from that message, I also like to save all the missed call messages that Maxis gave to me while my phone was off.

You have 124 missed calls (124) ********** since 11:56pm (13.02.2012)

You have 46 missed calls (46) ********** since 11:01pm (23.02.2012)

You have 303 missed calls (303) ********** since 07:42pm (30.02.2012)

Seriously, I feel excited when I received it. But I do feel guilty for torturing you like that. I'm sorry okay? I will never turn off my phone after this :) I love you sayang. I hope our relationship will stay strong and last forever <3

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