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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Syama ♥ Ashraf

I love you my one and only Muhammad Ashraf ♥
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He's responsible for my smiles right now. all the memories I had. It's him whom I really love and wanted to spend my whole lifetime with :)

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The Story Begins..
Hayhoy! What's up everyone? Hope you guys would be in the greatest condition. Well, since it's the SPM results week so I want to ask what did you achieved? Doesn't matter you passed or you failed. Make it as a starting point for you to be more successful. Once you failed doesn't mean you always failed right? I wish all of you the best in your future. This is the time where things are about to get real. You have to make your best decision especially when you want to choose the path of your career later on. Nevertheless, I wish you again good luck and all the best :D

Today, it's 22 March 2012. It has been a year since we were first met. I couldn't really believe with what's happening right now. We have been together for a year! Oh my god! That's a new record for me. I know it's not for you but dear I could sense that you were really blessed with our relationship and I was extremely thankful to God for keeping us together till now. Dear, thank you for always be at my side when I needed you. Thank you for accepting me who I really am. Thank you for making my day more than yesterday. Thank you for making me believe in love again. Thank you for all you comforts and tenderness you've given to me all this while. Thank you sharing you thoughts and being open with me in any situations. Thank you for took care of me when I was sick and when we're out of the country. You're my friend, my best friend, my soul, my boyfriend and my everything. Thank you for accepting my family into your life. I know all through those months, we faced a lot but God's still kept us together. Amin. I hope this wouldn't be the last year we celebrate our anniversary. I'm hoping for more years to come. 

Dear, if anything that you feel doesn't seems right to you please tell me. If you ever feel cast out, please call my name and reach me. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on, be known that I'll always be there for you. And if things doesn't work out like what we've planned, I hope you'll stay through. I don't want all this to be a wasted. I love you and i miss you :(

P/S: Last night, when we're on the phone I could hear you're crying when wishing me for our anni. I'll never forget all your advices and reminder sayang. Love you!^^


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