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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Blackberry Phone
Gather Pink Stuff
Pink Instant Camera
Get Married
Renovate My Room With Pink Color
Design My TV
Bungee Jumping
Sky Diving
Riding G-Force X
Backpacking Travelling With Love
Syama ♥ Ashraf

I love you my one and only Muhammad Ashraf ♥
Eun Whan ♥ Jae Kyung

Look at those eyes that winking, I just love it when he does that. Makes me melt~ ♥
A Millionaire's First Love ♥

Wondering why I like you, I miss you. It's a disease ♥
My One & Only Pororo ♥

He's responsible for my smiles right now. all the memories I had. It's him whom I really love and wanted to spend my whole lifetime with :)

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Ocean Of Emotions

This is my weekdays status. It's the exam week! Full of anticipation, rush of adrenaline, excitement, nervousness, heart-pumping moments, scared and all sorts of negatives emotions. I feel nervous each time I opened the book and try to read. Malay Language. History. Economy. General Studies. All the subjects where extremely tough as day by day we learn more and more. Mainly on the economy but I didn't pay attention to it because I only need a credit on that particular subject to pass. Nevertheless, I shouldn't neglect about it. Pay more attention in class Syama! Stop eating Cloud9 and drinking Plus Doy Pack Strawberry Flavour every time. And stop tweeting during Malay Language and History class! hahaha! I'm damn cool aite? Thanks guys! I need my Cloud9 to stay focus during class and I need my Plus Doy Pack Strawberry/Lychee flavour drink to keep me fresh! Braaahhhh! How can I survive through all the days! Do motivate me and support me. Thank you so much! TTYS <3

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