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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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Shocking Action!
Guys! What I'm about to tell you is going to make you shock to the core and you wouldn't believe it if I tell you. It's involving my boyfriend and the action that I'm about to tel is his action that he'd done few weeks ago!

Well, it goes like this. Last month, he went for a training in Bangi that got connection with his work. Ignore about that. At that time, we fought because of the lack of time that he could spend with me. I was being childish at the time and don't want to cooperate at all with him. So, the 'thing' got worse until we nearly broke up. But we didn't, aren't we? haha Back to the story, in the time that we didn't contact each other, he didn't tell me where he wants to go like how he used to do. Last few weeks, I found out that he went for a day out at Alamanda Putrajaya and I asked him how could he done that to me. He gave me the reasons and I'm actually could accept it cause I also did the same thing! 

Then, I asked him what did he'd be doing there and he told me one thing that really shocked me to my core. When he was there, he's actually thinking of me (facts that only he knows) and he got some Ego issues that forced him to stayed away from me. He was bored at that time cause he walked alone around the shopping mall and he passed this one shop. Guess what shop it was? It was a baby's shop! He went in for a window shopping and suddenly his eyes caught this beautiful infant baby's shoes! The shoe was so adorable and cute! ^^ He bought the shoe that cost in about RM39.90. When I asked him why did he bought the shoe cause we don't actually have a baby (yet! haha) He told me, he bought the shoe because he was thinking of me. He knows how much I love babies and babies clothing's! I was in awe at that time of how he really thinks of me. 

I was supposedly upload the shoe but he didn't give to me yet because he was in hurry to be back in Tapah. He promised to give it to me this upcoming Saturday when he's back here. I'm excited to see it. I wonder how cute was it until it make him bought it. Dear, thank you for your understanding about my faves :) I'm in love with you even more day by day. I will keep the shoe for our baby okay :) I miss you. Mmmmmmuuuuaaaaaaahhhhh! ^^

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