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Welcome Hi,i'm syama. This is my simple blog that i tried to make it look nice for people to see. Do follow me baby :) Thanks^^
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I Want You :(
love is forever.
Hello there peeps! Tonight, I'll post a lot about something called love. Wonder why? Firstly, i can't sleep and my honey has already gone to bed. He sleeps kinda early today but it's okay cause from his voice i could feel that he's exhausted and tired with his work. Nevertheless, i understand all the hard work his doing. In fact, it's all for us somehow. Back to the story, i want to shared something that my honey says to me at Ferringhi beach last time.
That night, I didn't remember what date that day was, we went for a walk at the beach. It feels so refreshing and soothes our mind. He told me that he's afraid of sea water regarding that place was where the tsunami happened.
We walk along the beach while avoiding ourselves from getting wet. suddenly, we found a bench near a restaurant and decide to take a break. We sat there and have a little chat. I questioned him about his previous girlfriend. He answered. But most of his answers didn't satisfies my feeling. I wanted to ask more but he stopped me by saying 'Boleh jangan cakap pasal perempuan tu lagi tak? Daddy dah lupakan semua yang daddy pernah buat dengan dia. Daddy hanya nak fikir pasal kita je sekarang ni.' and i say ' okay'. Then he starts a new conversation that actually blooms me away. He asked 'Mummy, rumah kita nanti mummy nak decorate macam mana? Perabot apa yang mummy nak ada dalam rumah kita? and so on. We talked and talked. He really serious with what he says. At first, I thought it's only just another joke but when it comes about financing, things started to get more serious. He's planning to make bank loan to buy a 'OUR' house. As for me, when I'm done with my studies in about one year, if i don't have the chance to further my studies, I'll search for a permanent job and worked. He's planning for me to make a bank loan to buy a car for myself. As for him, he's buying a car in this time being so that in the future we won't be burden by lot of money issues. 
After a while, I asked him this silly question 'Daddy confirm ke kahwin dengan mummy ni? Mana tahu nanti daddy jumpa dengan orang lain ke? Mungkin daddy berubah hati ke? Straight away he grabbed my hand and bought to his chest and said 'Mummy nak sangat ke semua tu jadi? Daddy tak nak orang lain. Daddy nak mummy je. Daddy nak hidup dengan mummy. Daddy nak kahwin dengan mummy. Jangan cakap macam tu dah lepas ni.Itu pun kalau mummy sayangkan daddy lagi lah, kalau tak sayang, cakap lah lagi. ' Awwww. Sweet isn't it? I know cause I almost cried when heard he says all that. Thank for reading. Bye Much love!

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